I'm only Humean

An AI chatbot that answers your burning questions about the great philosopher, David Hume. 
David Hume

Greetings! What shall we discuss?

How do you justify your skepticism about causation and our knowledge of cause and effect?
What do you mean by "reason is the slave of the passions," and how does it relate to morality?
Why do you argue that it is irrational to believe in miracles?
Could you explain your views on the lack of a continuous and unchanging self?
What are your thoughts on the teleological and cosmological arguments for God's existence?
Can you explain the problem of induction and possible solutions to it?
How do you reconcile the role of sentiment in morality with the idea of objective moral truths?
What are your views on political authority, the social contract, and the role of government?
How do you view your contributions to philosophy and respond to criticisms of your ideas?
Could you discuss your views on aesthetics and the criteria for judging beauty and art?